Sigma Beauty — BLACK FRIDAY (free-shipping worldwide)

Hey Ramblers,

How are you all doing today?

Its Black Friday and I have great news for all the girls who have been wanting to try Sigma Beauty products. This year Sigma is offering free shipping; domestic and international, for 2 days.. Yes you read correctly.. 2 DAYS = 48hours!!!

To avail this opportunity all you have to do is enter the code BF2012 at the time of checkout. One thing I should mention here is that the monthly 10% discount code, which is there on right side of my blog, is not applicable with Black Friday free shipping, so keep that in mind while shopping. You can only use one code at a time. You will get the free gift though on purchase of $30 or more. The sale will start on 22nd November at 12AM (Central Standard Time) and end on 23rd November at 12AM (Central Standard Time), so please check your time-zones accordingly before placing the orders.

So what are you waiting for? Go splurge here.. 😉

As for me.. Am thinking about it.. May be I will convince my hubby to order for me.. *evil grin*

Have fun..



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Sigma Beauty — New Arrivals

Hey Ramblers

How are you all doing? 🙂

Firstly I would like to say, “HAJJ MUBARAK to all the people who were lucky enough to go this year”. A very happy Eid Mubarak to everyone else. 😀

I was just surfing through emails and the internet and I stumbled upon the Sigma Beauty website. Then I realized it has been really long since I posted anything about them. Do you know in the past couple of months they have released a Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit?

If you guys follow trends, you would know that thick, luscious brows are the fashion trend for fall 2012. So this release would be ideal for all of you who do their beauty regime. It has practically everything required to make the perfect brows; tweezers, scissors, eye-brow shapes stencil, pencils, brushes, brow shadows, sharpener, etc. Now I won’t be posting all the pictures. Just the main picture. Rest you can check here.

Recently I was wondering who decides the fashion and make-up trends? Do all the designers, brands and marketing companies sit together and discuss before working on the collections? Because seriously, the trend is just spreading out and they are already releasing the related stuff. May be a big strategy behind it all. LoL. But that is straying from the topic. Maybe I will ramble about it later.

Now apart from the Brow design kit the new items which attract me are the Extravaganza Face Kit and the Extravaganza Complete Kit. They look soooo luxurious and gorgeous that I want them!! The top of my wishlist.


Aren’t they tempting?? The Extravaganza Face Kit contains four essential luxurious brushes while the Extravaganza Complete Kit contains 29 of Sigma Beauty’s best selling brushes. Everything you can possibly require. To check more pics, price and other details for face kit you can go here and for complete kit here.

If you want to check out other stuff in new arrivals, you can go here. There are also some really cute mirrors and make-up bags on sale on the website. To check them out you can go here.

Unfortunately they are way way too expensive (at least for me when I convert the currency, plus the additional custom taxes and delivery would make it almost double the price.. May be someday.. *winks*

What about you guys? Are you into make-up and stuff? Do let me know. 🙂

Until next time.

A Bientôt‎~

p.s. New discount 10% coupon on the image of Sigma Beauty in the top left hand corner of the page in case you want to splurge. *winks*

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Rambler on New Domain

Hey ramblers,

I finally got free after taking hours in editing and copy-pasting my old blog stuff to this one.

Nope I have not deleted my Blogger blog It is still there but dormant. Maybe I will update new posts on both of them..

*sigh* Will see..

You might be thinking I have gone off the rocker. Maybe the lack of ramblings on the blog has finally gone up to my head so now am wasting time on two blogs with the same names. LoL.

The thing is Youtube is blocked here. Since it got blocked, loads of google apps are giving problems in loading and stuff. So I thought, “There is no guarantee till when we the google services will all be unblocked and for all I know, due to google’s extra stubborn bitchiness it may even get permanently blocked for some time so its a good idea to make a backup blog just in case”.. 😉

Why is it blocked? Seriously you have to ask? I think the whole world is still reeling from the trailer daring to insult our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the violent riots that took place and still taking place over it.

While I do not encourage or excuse the violence that took place, I cannot condone this disrespect. I am absolutely horrified at the justifications the western media is coming up regarding freedom of speech but not surprised at the same time. Countless times it has been proved that not everyone is equal when it comes to freedom of speech. Mentioning of holocaust of Jews is banned in many countries and websites. They can even ban your account and stuff for saying something ‘pro’ it because it hurts the sensibilities of people who lost their loved ones during those times. Where goes freedom of speech here? Apparently it is okay to hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims by insulting their religion and beloved Prophet (PBUH) but not the jews. I call that B***S***!!!

No one in any lifetime has done anything close to deserving and getting away with bad mouthing our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He was the most perfect man ever to live in every sense of the word. It has been proven and acknowledged by great scholars every where and of every era. If some illiterate people with God complex think they can bad-mouth and get away with it.. Well loads of pity for them. Allah knows best how to defend him and He will while everyone will else will still be bitching about freedom of speech and stuff.

And this rant can go on and on…

I think this is enough for tonight. I will continue this in another post later on depending on my temper factor.

Till then take care.

Special Celebration Days

Hey Ramblers,

Hope you all are doing good..

Am back with a new rambling.. Its been too long.. *wink*

Today I want to go on and on about the various special days we seem to celebrate like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day etc etc.. It seems every year a couple of new days are being introduced or maybe that is the case on my side of the world and they already exist in the west for way long ago (by west I mean U.S, U.K etc)..

Now why in the world is that???!!!!!!!??? What is wrong with us??

Why am I going on about this simple celebration day??

Well I think it’s just wrong that we chose a specific day for every relationship or feeling. Why do we need to bound ourselves to a specific day to tell our feelings of how much we love someone or care for someone?? Just because someone ages ago did due to some sad event in their lives??

For example Mother’s Day came into being when Anna Jarvis held a ‘memorial’ for her mother and wanted it to be a recognized holiday.. Well she got her wish but did she like the fact of how it is commercialized by the media?? Not only that, she also wished this to be specific Mother’s (notice the spelling) day that is singular, meaning just your mother’s day not mothers all over the world.. But what happens?? Various countries have adopted it for their own commercial reasons with their own interpretations.. Does it keep the original idea or values?? NO..

Then again, Fathers’ Day came into being when a Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton decided to celebrate life of the fathers who were lost in ‘Monongah Mining Disaster‘. Again, it was due to a sad event and this time the lady wanted it to be collective Fathers’ Day not singular like Mother’s. The same way like before, this is now also a widely commercialized day, interpreted differently by every country.

What about the most famous, Valentine’s Day?? Do you know, there are no historical facts connecting Saint Valentine to romance?? Instead christian martyrs were known as Valentines.. Somehow, somewhere in history, someone related Saint Valentine to romance and started the celebrations of declaration of love day.. So technically we are celebrating martyrs days where we declare love for each other..

From the likes of this, if someone comes up with new innovative concept and markets properly, it seems there will come a time that we will be celebrating a death day and mourning day too.. Or even select specific days in a month for us to laugh, cry, have fun etc..

Someone once told me that the reason so many days are being celebrated is that the life has become very fast paced nowadays and families are being driven further apart.. Parents, children and siblings hardly have time to connect or talk to each other for months at a time.. The concept of children living with parents is gone from the west and slowly being finished in other parts of the world too.. Old parents are either living alone or sent to retirement homes.. So these people need a day they can ‘try‘ (emphasis on this word) to make up for the rest of the year’s neglect and ignorance and of course take out time to express ‘loveeeeee‘ (sarcasm intended).. Seems to be true to me.. The media of course has a field day exploiting this and making chunks of money.. What more do they want??

I sometimes wonder what will happen if one day every one decides not to specifically celebrate this day and ignore the media hiatus but do it randomly throughout the year.. What will the media come up with next to convince us?? Of course special deals and discount make it difficult to make this decision..

One thing I love about my country, my people and my society is the closeness.. Everyone has bitchy days (who doesn’t) and everyone fights.. But we all care too.. There is rarely any daughter who does not talk to her parents at least once a week if not every day (meet too if they are in the same city) or son who does not want to live with his parents and support them unless absolutely necessary.. Not that I am happy all the time living with in-laws.. There are loads of issues but then what comes to mind is.. They also kept us, raised us and supported us whether they wanted to or not.. Sadly though, I am now seeing this disappearing too mostly inspired by the shows on television..

I for one cannot spend the day without talking with my mom even if it is for a minute.. I go nuts and miss her like crazy when we don’t.. Go ahead.. Call me mama’s baby.. *wink*  I love her, my dad, my siblings, my hubby a lot and tell them in small ways whenever I can.. I don’t need these things to prove to the world I love them by keeping statuses on social networks, sending gifts publicly or saying it loudly in front of everyone.. They know I love them, I know they love me in the little things they do.. That is enough for me.. 🙂

Now by all this rambling I do not in any way want to offend you people and I know its not necessary that people on the other side of the world are like this or that we, ourselves are so lovey dovey that we are one big family (like shown on some shows).. But what do you guys think?? Am I really wrong in my thinking and observation?? Are we being exploited by the media and the governments or what??

Though the truth is, I, myself am vulnerable to the television and advertisements.. It takes a lot of will power not to be tempted to have those things the way they show it but it totally proves our susceptibility to such things being open to exploitation.

I do not think any religion anywhere in the world says that you only show love on one specific day or not keep your parents with you when they are old and unable to help themselves no matter how busy you are.. In fact every religion, one way or another says do as much as you can for your parents in their old age and you will be rewarded (so why not for this greed if nothing else?).

Think about it and let me know.. More, correct me if I am wrong but with examples.. *wink*

*whoosh* Am tired after this rambling..

See you around..

Have a thinking day..  ^_^